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Specializing in volume face painting for large and corporate events.


My name is Krystal Jeffery and I’ve been face painting professionally since I moved to Kamloops in 2007. I love living here because of the people who also call this place home. This is a friendly close knit community where barely 6 degrees separates all 90+ thousand of us.

It has been an honour and a privilege to paint thousands of children here in Kamloops over the past decade and I’ve been delighted to sometimes even get to paint their parents!

krystal and her familyAs a millennial I work what is known as the “gig economy”. This means that I don’t have a pensioned full time job with a salary. Face painting is a big part of how I support my family as a single mother. My rates are comparable to other painters and I promise my work is especially fabulous.

Choosing me as your face painter means you’re certain to have a line up.

I truly believe that there is something about having your face painted that is a little bit magical. It’s a pleasure to bring a little magic to your special event.

Krystal Williams face painting in Kamloops at the farmers market

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