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Unfortunately for me I rarely take pictures of my finished faces. At birthday parties I tend to do some extra special work but it’s an awkward photo consent situation because parents aren’t generally there. Here are a handful of the fabulous friendly faces I have gotten pictures of in the past couple years.

One of my favorite gigs of the year come in June when a handful of high schools hire me to paint the faces of teenagers. Teenagers absolutely LOVE face painting and it is SO much fun to be a part of their celebration. The parents work so hard to put together incredible events for their […]

You’d think by now I’d have thousands of pictures of my work but alas I don’t often take the time to snap them and while I adore the ones customers send me they are few and far between. So in all of 2017 I likely painted nearly 1000 children and here are the photos I […]

Here are some of the Halloween faces I’ve painted over the years. I do some Halloween weekend bookings in my private home at a cost of $25/person. Alternatively you can get a few friends together and I’ll come to you for a minimum 1.5 hour booking at a cost of $105. On Halloween I do […]

Kamloops has a wonderful event that I am delighted to be a part of the Kamloops Children’s Arts Festival is a fun-filled, creative day of artistic, musical and theatrical activities and performances for children ages 2 to 12. The entire day is FREE for children and their families. It is put on by the Kamloops […]

A few days ago I was privileged enough to be invited to paint the faces of 18 beautiful women for a gorgeous Goddess gathering in Kamloops BC. The amazingly talented Opal Michel captured these women in a way that can only be described as stunning. I share the magnificence with you here now. If you […]

Two lovely pregnant mamas came over to my house this afternoon to have pumpkins painted on their bellies for Halloween.

This is something that I have wanted to paint for a long time but being that I never practice or have free time it never happens. Finally we had a sunny afternoon in the park after an event to try it out. Big thanks to my silly patient daughter for being my model.

This is my latest design from the amazing Daisy of Daisy Designs. It is super quick and really popular the sponge work is key to getting the gorgeous effect. I even have pictures!

So I had this brilliant idea to help spread the word that I was painting out here in Lumby. Trouble was only one person showed up. Fortunately they brought a bunch of kids with them so we all enjoyed some ice cream cones and some face paint. Next time I hope to see more of […]

The Lumby swim club had their fundraiser dinner over at White Valley Community Center tonight. Attendance was excellent even if the weather didn’t cooperate. Thanks to Stacy for having me out I was happy to be able to add a little something to the event. Here are a few shots from the end of the […]

I have a really busy summer and I wanted to get to the Lumby market more but so far have only made it once. I will  be back though on October 8th for the Harvest day so please be sure to come on down and find me!

A music festival in Kamloops BC! And a family friendly one at that. I spent this weekend on the shores of the North Thompson River on a beautiful property down Westside Road in Kamloops. The organizers asked me if I could come face paint and of course I said yes! The festival was in it’s […]

Here I am all settled in and part of the community. Lumby Days was this past weekend and it sure was a ton of fun face painting for my new neighbours. The parade went right past our house on Shuswap Ave and so I set up a tent and painted a few faces before it […]

Last year I was invited to the SKSS Dry Grad at the Kamloops Curling Club. There I joined a henna artist and ventriloquist and the ever popular hypnotist in our all night adventure of teenage entertainment. It was pretty fun and very well received so I was thrilled to be coming back for a second […]

A friend of a friend just moved to town and since I kinda like her I popped over to her welcome home party at Friesen’s Countrytime Gardens. If you live in the Vernon or Lavington area’s and have never stopped in then I say that you probably should make it a priority. The place is […]

It has long been on my list of things to do to create a book of photos that are actually all my own work. Much of my sample board consists of shots from tutorials and other painters things I can paint but are not my own paintings. The amazing Nat Anfield of Studio Five-O Photography […]

These little cuties have been my models so many times that it was time I repaid them the favor and paint at her birthday party. Here is a collection of their painted faces and the cat birthday party.

So I partnered up with a photographer for the 2nd Bump It pregnancy trade show here in Kamloops. We sold ‘mini packages’ of a simple belly painting and a photography session. I didn’t book them (we only got two) but I tried to impart that the mama needed to pick something simple for me to […]

Things are picking up as the festival season approaches and the weather warms. I’ve been painting a lot lately and even remembering to bring my camera.

Tonight I headed over to a friends place where we got ready for the evenings festivities. She had an amazing black cat costume which I was happy to give the finishing touches to with some cat like face paint.

The other day I harnessed the powers of Facebook and my friends to find a photographer who wanted to add to their portfolio and practice by providing me with some shots for my own portfolio. I was super fortunate enough to have the lovely Tanya Epp of Optical Delusions take me up on the offer. […]

This Saturday I had a ton of fun catching up with a girlfriend and painting her son’s face. He was a great model and we got some awesome shots. Thanks guys it was a ton of fun. After four years of casually facepainting I have finally realized that I can probably make a go of […]

I recently got back from a facepainting convention in Calgary. While I was there I picked up a book of facepainting ideas and how-tos. I’ve been testing out some of the ideas but for the most part my kids are too wiggly and impatient to practice on which is why I was thrilled that this […]

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