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Two lovely pregnant mamas came over to my house this afternoon to have pumpkins painted on their bellies for Halloween.

So I had this brilliant idea to help spread the word that I was painting out here in Lumby. Trouble was only one person showed up. Fortunately they brought a bunch of kids with them so we all enjoyed some ice cream cones and some face paint. Next time I hope to see more of […]

The Lumby swim club had their fundraiser dinner over at White Valley Community Center tonight. Attendance was excellent even if the weather didn’t cooperate. Thanks to Stacy for having me out I was happy to be able to add a little something to the event. Here are a few shots from the end of the […]

I have a really busy summer and I wanted to get to the Lumby market more but so far have only made it once. I will  be back though on October 8th for the Harvest day so please be sure to come on down and find me!

Here I am all settled in and part of the community. Lumby Days was this past weekend and it sure was a ton of fun face painting for my new neighbours. The parade went right past our house on Shuswap Ave and so I set up a tent and painted a few faces before it […]

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