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BC Children’s Hospital – Love to Lizzie Fundraiser

How can you not love a face like that? This past Wednesday I painted faces to help raise money for BC Children’s Hospital and for a very special little girl.

Elizabeth Anne Harbaruk is the daughter of Jenn & Chris Harbaruk who was born with Bilateral Nephroblastomatosis, which is basically a tumour in the kidneys. Not fun for any family. The people of Kamloops have really rallied around this little family and supported them in their trying journey.

Love to Lizzie was a fundraiser that saw Dora the Explorer make a stop in Kamloops just for Lizzie. It was a fun filled day and all the proceeds went to a great cause.

I am proud to announce that the wonderful people of Kamloops filled my tip jar to a tune of $93.32 that past Wednesday which is a record for me in 5 hours of painting. I topped up the donation to an even $100 in honor of Elizabeth Harbaruk to BC Children’s Hospital. Thanks to everyone who came out it was a lot of fun.

Elizabeth Harbaruk - Love to Lizzie

One thought on “BC Children’s Hospital – Love to Lizzie Fundraiser

  1. jocelyn thompsett says:

    She is such an angel <3 God Bless her and her family <3

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