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20120105_05485020120105_03385920120105_044755photo146722395332020160924_231052603_ios20160924_181545605_ios20160925_181034681_ios20160924_014840389_ios-120160922_232845186_ios-1fancy cat face paint in Kamloops BCrainbow tiger face painting Kamloops BCgreen mask face painting kamloops BCshark face painting kamloops BCspider man face painting kamloops BCleopard face painting kamloops BCbunny rabbittree blossoms face painting kamloops BCbutterfly face painting kamloops BC20120825_19560820120929_10223120120916_12165120121031_105604_MG_0125Picture 00320120512_15390620120526_11254520120526_111854Dragon Face. First ever attemptMy fabulous face paint model in Kamloops BCCat Eyes Halloween Face PaintDSCF1228december 2011-17december 2011-35december 2011-44december 2011-49december 2011-68Face Painting at Rainbows Roost Music FestivalTwo speedy face painted fancy birds to match their devil hornsSpiderman face paint friendsFace Painting at Dry Grad 2011Face Painting at Dry Grad 2012Skull Face Paint at Lumby Dayswpid-20120821_192230.jpgwpid-20120821_193844.jpgwpid-20120821_192208.jpgwpid-20120821_192159.jpgA beautiful rainbow butterfly face paintDSC_0328Some lovely fancy swirl designs on this pretty mommaMy first masquerade mask face paintThis face painted butterfly turned out great. DSC_0101Dragon hornsDSC_0039555617_10151163011575520_811676717_n
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