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Trade Show Belly

So I partnered up with a photographer for the 2nd Bump It pregnancy trade show here in Kamloops. We sold ‘mini packages’ of a simple belly painting and a photography session. I didn’t book them (we only got two) but I tried to impart that the mama needed to pick something simple for me to paint as I only had 30 minutes to complete her painting. I came prepared with all sorts of simple bellies: flowers, trees, pumpkins etc.
Well my first lovely mama showed up and had her idea all in mind she wanted a giraffe in a jungle to match her child’s room. After about a 5 minute conversation I realized that I was completely on the spot to come up with this art in a room full of pregnant moms-to-be.

I am happy to show you the results of my only minor panic moment, which I think turned out pretty darn well.


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